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Scoota with Simulink Tutorial

Download and open the simulink model included in the Scoota Download section.

Open the model but don't select run yet, if you do it will be unresponsive until you are done in scoota (but that really isn't a problem).

Open Scoota. You should now be looking at the Ogre Engine Rendering Setup window:

The rendering systems options can be changed by selecting it and changing it's setting in the pull down menu. With some experimentation you can determine which settings suit your computer best, but it is best to avoid full screen mode at this point to allow easy access to matlab. When you selected your settings (or settled on the default), select OK. Scoota should now appear:

For this tutorial we will place two nodes in the scene. Click on the "Select Group" pull down and select "General". Now click on the "Select Mesh" pull down and select "ninja". Place the cursor anywhere on the ground and hold down the left mouse button. You can move the ninja around until you release the left mouse button at which time it will be placed. You can then move it through the controls in the upper right of the scoota window. You can place the ninja anywhere in any orientation.

Now place a sphere by clicking on the "Select Mesh" pull down and selecting "sphere". As with the ninja, the sphere may be placed anywhere and in any orientation. Now begin the example simulink model. The model will not begin until Scoota is ready. Go to Scoot and select animate. The ninja should move and rotate and the sphere should change color.

The simulink blocks used to control the Scoota model should be self explanatory. That's it.